Japan's tourism boom entices luxury hotel operators

the luxurious inn market is booming in japan, fueled with the aid of an inflow of overseas traffic, ahead of the tokyo olympics subsequent yr. specialists say the posh lodge marketplace continues to be underdeveloped in japan, in comparison with its asian pals and the west, but there are symptoms of alternate. properly-heeled tourists in japan have long attracted attention from overseas hotel operators. now main home agencies are getting into the fray. the okura tokyo, taken into consideration via many to be one of the three top japanese resort brands, reopened thursday after a four-year protection that price round one hundred ten billion yen ($1 billion). the hotel has opened a brand new heritage wing, with rooms going for $650 a night time, on average, greater than three instances the price of the vintage resort.

the historical past wing has a hundred and forty rooms of almost 60 sq. meters each, staffed with butlers. and guests can check inside and outside of the resort from their rooms. the prestige tower, then again, has industrial office space, dinner party rooms and a gym. the a great deal-loved fundamental foyer from the antique resort okura has been recreated. in all, the new okura has 508 rooms. the organisation hopes to fill -thirds of them with wealthy foreign guests, up from 60% at the vintage motel. the okura, the imperial lodge tokyo and the new otani tokyo had been the 3 large players in japan's upscale lodge marketplace after global warfare ii. foreign inn chains entered japan inside the Nineteen Nineties, organising themselves as the market leaders with opulent decors and considerable facilities.